About me…

Hi everyone! My name is Miren Frejinger I am 28 year old Mexican Industrial designer with a Masters in Sustainable Development, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am neither a morning person nor a sporty one. Yet I enjoy the simple pleasures; my family, my dog, design, shoes, fashion and partying with my friends. My life passions resume to, anything related to design (fashion, graphic, packaging, furniture, sustainable…), my family, my friends, traveling, seeing new places and cultures and my husband (Erik).

I spent the last couple of years studying a master’s degree in Sweden, and there, I acquired invaluable information about the Swedish way of life, for instance NEVER take a sunny day for granted!

Throughout my life adventures I have lived in wonderful places like; Monterrey, Blacksburg, Virginia, Uppsala and Stockholm Sweden there, I have come to meet many AMAZING people which have molded me in many ways. I considers myself to be a ”reformed perfectionist”, yet some people (Erik) might find me extremely organized agendas and lists a little overwhelming. Amongst everything I believe that “in the end, all you can do is committing to the people you love, hope for a little luck…and some good weather.”

Last year I started my own design studio, ” SPOT design” ,here in Stockholm; it is a small company, dedicated to all things design. I have had a good first year and I will keep working hard on making my dream come true; to become a well known sustainable designer!

This blog is about anything and everything, I will publish things that inspire me; fashion, trends, design, interior design, traveling, and off course STOCKHOLM! I really hope you guys enjoy it!


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